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A & S Dean’s Office Protocol Concerning Search Committees and Diversity

The University of Richmond aspires to be richly inclusive of individuals who embody many perspectives, experiences, and resources for discovery and creation. Each time we recruit a new faculty member, we have an opportunity to diversify our community and our educational program. Therefore, the Dean’s office will work with you to pursue open communication about the opportunities each search presents. Because searches unfold in highly competitive hiring seasons, we make our engagement with you a priority.

We request that you follow this Protocol as the search unfolds to streamline communications with the Dean’s office:

  • Once a search is approved, and a search committee established, please appoint the diversity advocate. Ideally, the chair and the diversity advocate will attend the training for diversity advocates during the summer before the search is underway. See the Guidelines for Promoting Diversity in Faculty Hiring
  • After the advertisement is posted, please schedule a 30-minute meeting with me to discuss strategies and resources to diversify the applicant pool. Ideally, the chair of the committee and the diversity advocate will both attend.
  • As the search progresses, the dean’s office will work with Human Resources to generate a report on the diversity of the pool, which you may request.
  • After the search committee has reviewed files and identified candidates for preliminary interviews, please send me by email a briefly annotated list of the candidates you would like to interview by telephone or at a conference. Please indicate briefly what you know
    about each candidate’s potential contributions to the diversity of the community and educational program. I will consult promptly with the chair and/or diversity advocate by telephone or email concerning the list.
  • Following the initial phone or conference interviews, if any, please submit a slate of the top three to four candidates that you would like to invite for a campus visit. Building on the annotation from the earlier list, please indicate any further information you have
    gleaned about the candidates' qualifications, including potential contributions to the diversity of the community and educational program. Following consultation with the chair and the diversity advocate, typically by phone or email, I will approve candidates
    for campus visits.
  • As you are building your candidates' schedules, we encourage you to address the need to both evaluate and recruit candidates. So please ensure that your candidates have time to see the city, meet with students, tour the campus, and meet people outside your
    department. Your administrative coordinator can help with this. Meals with candidates should include no more than three faculty and/or students with the candidate. Please schedule each candidate to meet with me the afternoon of the second day of the visit, if
  • The Dean’s office will arrange for the candidate to have an interview with Human Resources staff.
  • Following the campus visits and the search committee’s deliberations, the chair should arrange a meeting (in office or by telephone) with me to discuss the committee’s recommendation. The search committee should recommend a slate of candidates who are
    highly qualified for the position. The recommendation should indicate strengths and weaknesses of each candidate, including capacity to contribute to the diversity of the community and educational program.
  • The recommendation should not include a ranking. Typically, I will expect to reach agreement on the order in which the offers will be made with the chair or diversity advocate. In any case where we are unable to reach agreement, I will promptly meet with
    the search committee to clarify remaining issues before making a decision. Faculty hiring is one of the highest priorities of our departments and of the A & S dean's office. This protocol for communication during the search will enable me to understand your opportunities and challenges along the way, as we make these crucial decisions. A checklist is included with this in order to help you keep track of our communications.

Revised August 19, 2013