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Recruitment of Full-Time, Temporary Faculty

The guidelines for hiring full-time, one-year or three-year faculty are similar to those for hiring tenure-track faculty with some few exceptions. This document should be read in conjunction with the procedures for hiring permanent faculty.

The Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree is not required for temporary positions. However, a masters degree plus at least 18 hours of course work in the teaching area is essential to meet SACS requirements. Obviously, we prefer candidates who have some teaching experience and are of the quality our students expect in faculty.

The Search
Be sure to advertise nationally if time allows. For international hires, please review the Resources for International Hiring on the provost's website. Guidelines for employing international faculty and staff are also located on the provost's site. Please note critical timelines. 

Ads must be pre-approved by Kathrin Bower. Contacting colleagues at Ph.D. programs in the region is often a productive activity as many potential candidates are ABD. Be sure that the teaching load is clearly communicated to candidates. 

The Screening
Consider candidates only after their files are complete. The required credentials should include a current vita, three letters of recommendation, copies of transcripts and a statement about teaching experience/philosophy. If any critical information is missing, you may wish to contact the candidate and remind him/her that the application cannot be evaluated until all requested information is received. The chairperson should share copies of the credentials of the top candidates with Kathrin Bower. They will then discuss the candidates and agree on who should be offered the position. 

After Acceptance
When the candidate has accepted the offer, the same procedures should be followed as for tenure-track hirings: notify all other applicants that the position has been filled, work with the new faculty member on his/her transition to Richmond and see that all reimbursements are completed.

Upon Arrival on Campus
The new hire will attend new faculty orientation in August, and the chair will be responsible for mentoring the new faculty member and making sure he/she is aware of critical A&S and university policies. It is important to communicate the academic standards of the university to the new member of the community and make sure he/she has developed adequate materials (syllabus, texts, and relevant resources) for each course.

Commuting Reimbursement
For temporary faculty, part-time or full-time who must commute a one-way distance of more than 45 miles, we will allow reimbursement for mileage up to an amount based on the number of days that they teach on campus. Instructors who teach and travel to campus one day per week per semester are eligible for an allowance of up to $300; instructors who teach and travel to campus two days per week are eligible for an allowance of up to $600; and instructors who teach and travel to campus three days per week are eligible for an allowance of up to $900. Relevant mileage information will be included in the adjunct appointment letter. For reimbursement for the total semester mileage,a T&E report should be filled out in BannerWeb. Mileage T&E’s may be submitted for each trip or one combined T&E for each 14-day period. Faculty must submit a T&E within 90 days of their travel date. T&E’s should be submitted to the Director of Financial Planning & Budget, located in the dean's office.  

Mileage reimbursements are considered taxable income.