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Hiring Adjunct/Part-Time Faculty

Part-time faculty status is defined as teaching 3 or fewer units. Most part-time faculty teach 1 or 2 units of coursework during a semester. Part-time faculty provide flexibility for meeting sabbatical needs, special enrollment needs or reassigned time for continuing faculty. Chairs are expected to minimize the hiring of part-time faculty.

Department chairs should work with Eric Yellin to hire adjunct faculty. Requests for adjuncts should be sent directly to Eric Yellin by email for initial approval. Shawn Chamberlin will send the Part-Time Faculty Final Approval Form to department chairs and administrative coordinators in May for fall hiring and October for spring hiring. It is the responsibility of the chair to locate individuals who meet the SACS requirements. If the individual does not meet the requirements of SACS for coursework or a degree in the field, but brings special expertise that would meet SACS expectations, the chair must write a letter explaining how the individual's experience qualifies him/her to teach.

The adjunct appointment letters issued to adjunct faculty have a clause that indicates the class may be cancelled at the last minute because of low enrollment. All adjunct appointment letters are for a single semester.
Chairs are expected to mentor adjunct faculty and provide them with guidance in the preparation of course syllabi and classroom policies.

At the conclusion of an adjunct-taught course, the department chair/supervisor reviews the course evaluations, offers guidance and critique as needed, and makes any personnel changes (e.g., termination, additional support, etc.)

Compensation and Benefits

The current pay scale for adjunct/part-time faculty teaching 1 unit is:

  • M.A. or M.S. - $4,000
  • M.F.A., Ph.D. or J.D. - $5,000

Science laboratory instructors are paid according to the terms above, except in the case of stand-alone laboratories that are subject to a different pay scale. 

No fringe benefits are provided except access to selected university resources and parking. For temporary faculty, part-time or full-time, who must commute a one-way distance of more than 45 miles, we will allow reimbursement for mileage up to an amount based on the number of days that they teach on campus. Instructors who teach and travel to campus one day per week per semester are eligible for an allowance of up to $300; instructors who teach and travel to campus two days per week are eligible for an allowance of up to $600; and instructors who teach and travel to campus three days per week are eligible for an allowance of up to $900. Relevant mileage information will be included in the adjunct appointment letter. For reimbursement for the total semester mileage, adjuncts should submit an online Travel and Expense Report at bannerweb.richmond.eduMileage reimbursements are considered taxable income to the adjunct.