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Guidelines for tenure-track faculty searches

1. Once the Dean recommends a search, the department chair needs to form a departmental search committee. In cases of hires that cross departments/programs, the Dean or Associate Dean will work directly with the chair(s)/program coordinator to form the search committee.

2. Please inform the Dean of your search committee members, the name of the committee chair, the diversity advocate, and your recommendation for an outside committee member. We strongly recommend a diversity advocate from outside of your department. The Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusivity, and Thriving can assist you in appointing a diversity advocate, as can the Office of Common Ground.

3. The diversity advocate must attend the diversity advocate training session (please see Guidelines for Promoting Diversity in Faculty Hiring). The date and time of that orientation is set annually.

4. The diversity advocate needs to participate in the development of the position description as specified by the faculty's Guidelines for Promoting Diversity in Faculty Hiring.

5. Submit the job description and advertisement to the Dean for review. Please factor in the rules the faculty adopted in the Guidelines for Promoting Diversity in Faculty Hiring. Make sure to list "begin review of application" date. Application process remains open until the job is filled.

6. Since applicants must apply through the online application process, the ad must be posted on the HR web site prior to advertising the position.

7. Please consult with the Dean about placement of the advertisement in print and online venues.

8. Take an active approach to building a diverse, inclusive applicant pool consistent with your ad. This means directly contacting associations, graduate institutions, and colleagues, especially those who would have knowledge of prospective candidates.

9. The search committee should hold face-to-face meetings throughout all deliberations; build in time for discussion, deliberation, and if necessary revisiting the pool of applicants before making recommendations on the top 10 or more candidates.

10. Submit the list of 10 or more candidates to the Dean. The Dean will contact HR to compare the demographics of this list with the broader pool of candidates. The Dean will either approve the list or engage the committee further about the recommendations.

11. Following the preliminary interviews with the 10 or more candidates, submit a slate of the top three to four finalists. The Dean will either approve the list or engage the committee further about the recommendations.

12. When scheduling finalists for campus visits, be sure to include a 45 minute time with the Dean to meet with the candidate. Contact Bethany Perry ( to schedule those appointments.

13. You also need to schedule a 45 minute meeting with the Associate Dean and the Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusivity, and Thriving. Contact Cynthia Johnson ( to schedule those appointments.

14. As you are building your candidates' schedules please keep in mind that you are both interviewing and recruiting. Separate research talks and teaching demonstrations are recommended. Please make sure your candidates have time to see the city, meet with students, tour the campus and meet with selected faculty and staff outside your department who have shared interests with the finalists. Your assessment of each candidate's teaching, scholarship and commitment to our institutional mission are essential.

15. Following the campus visits and the search committee's and department's deliberations, the search committee and or department chair should contact the Dean to discuss the committee's recommendation. The chair submits a slate of candidates who are "recommended" and "not recommended" for appointment, with a summary of any committee votes and deliberations. The recommendation should not include a ranking.

16. Faculty hiring is one of the highest priorities at the University of Richmond and in the School of Arts & Sciences. Thus, a shared commitment to the priorities outlined above serves to advance our mission.

Revised October 2018