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Annual Faculty Report for Directors

Revised May 2012

The School of Arts and Sciences requires directors holding faculty rank to have a merit review every year. To be considered for merit raise, you must submit an annual faculty report along with your current position description to your chair by the end of June or a date determined by your chair.

The annual faculty report for directors should include the following elements:

1. A concise description of your current position (less than 500 words) that summarizes the administrative or organizational duties of your position.

2. A concise narrative reflection (less than 1000 words) on teaching, professional development, administrative work, and service that discusses accomplishments and sets goals for upcoming year(s).  Indicate any professional development activities that enable you to remain current in your field or develop new skills.

3. For the year under review (June 1 to May 31), please list the following (if applicable):

Courses taught and enrollments
    •    Course number, title, units (or credit hours), number of students
    •    New or significantly revised course(s)

Mentoring and advising responsibilities
    •    Theses or independent study projects directed, including names of students, titles of projects and dates completed
    •    Advising activities, including number of undeclared student advisees, number of major advisees, and other advising such as study abroad, interdisciplinary (indicate numbers of advisees in each)

Scholarly and creative work for the past year (each piece of work can only be counted once)
    •    Publications that appeared in print (and / or have been accepted for publication)
    •    Papers, addresses, and lectures (titles, places, and dates)
    •    Exhibitions, performances, and productions performed or exhibited (titles, places, dates)

Departmental, Arts & Sciences, or university service roles and responsibilities
    •    Committee assignments
    •    Administrative and departmental responsibilities
    •    Work with student organizations or groups

Professional or community service responsibilities
    •    Offices held
    •    Service to local, regional, national, and international groups

Awards, recognitions, or other achievements
    •    Professional recognition for teaching, scholarship, or creative activity (awards, honors, etc.)
    •    Grants applied for and/or new grants received (give date of original application)

4. An abbreviated and updated curriculum vitae (no more than 2-3 pages).

Please consult the chair’s evaluation form as you prepare for your annual report. The Dean's office has prepared this form for department chairs to use, as appropriate, for the annual performance review of directors with faculty rank.