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Event Promotion Guidelines

It is our goal as the A&S Communications Collective to proactively partner with our campus colleagues to identify and promote projects, events, and accomplishments that position the School of Arts and Sciences as an exceptional and robust academic community. In addition to the promotional materials listed below, press release and social media options are also available. If you are interested in partnering with the A&S Communications Collective, please contact Jennifer Lo Prete, communications manager.

Please keep in mind that successful communications materials need a sufficient amount of time to be produced; the more time we have to plan for your event, the more thoughtful we can be with our recommended marketing strategy. A minimum of six weeks is needed for most events.

Need promotional materials for your event or lecture? Please contact, Jennifer Lo Prete.

University, A&S, and Department/Interdisciplinary Program Webpage Calendars

The University's calendar is a resource for campus units to promote their events to the wider University community. The calendar is public, and events can be cross-listed on any number of sites that are related to that event. University Communications maintains a list of tags for campus units, as well as categories of tags — such as "Student Life" or "Academics" — that users can use to filter. 

To list an event, please let Jennifer Lo Prete,, know the following information: 

  • Event Name

  • Date and Time, please include an end time

  • Location

  • Description

  • Contact name, email, phone, if necessary

  • Registration or Zoom URL

  • Images in the following sizes: 

    • KP4 Promo: 1000x563px

    • Thumbnail: 500x500

    • Hermes Promo: 3840x2160px

    • Thumbnail: 1440x1440px

      * If you need help with images, please let me know and I can help resize to the required format. 

  • Tags: 

    * Tags: any department, program, and campus partner affiliated with the event. For example, Political Science, Biology. 

    All events with in A&S will be tagged to feed into the A&S website. 

    Other tags available
    : Academics, Alumni, Career Services, Center for Civic Engagement, Center for Equity & Inclusion, International Education, Modlin Center for the Arts, Student Life, New Students, Office of the Provost, and Sustainability. Other Schools: Business, Jepson, Law, SPCS

Poster Distribution and Digital Flyers

Upon request, A&S Communications can share your printed poster across campus. Recommended printing amount: 40.

Approved locations to hang posters:

  • Boatwright Admin (entrance)
  • Boatwright B1 (by vending)
  • Boatwright B2 (by printer at bottom of stairs)
  • Business School (admin entrance has two boards)
  • Humanities Building (2 boards)
  • Weinstein Hall (each floor has a board)
  • Richmond Hall – 1st floor, near Psychology
  • International Center (2nd floor has three/four boards)
  • Jepson Hall (Math/Comp Sci hallway)
  • Tyler Haynes (have to have them stamped at Information Center, post near Tyler’s Grill and on the first floor to the right of the staircase)
  • Gottwald (top of stair landings and boards on each floor, on A/C sides)
  • Dining Hall entrance
  • Booker Hall (2nd floor and in stairwells)
  • Modlin Center (2 entrances)
  • North Court (display cases on outside ramp)
  • Post Office
  • Fountain Hall (basement and first floor)

Submitting Digital Flyers

Visit our Dflyer page for information regarding posting to screens around campus.

Social media options are also available. Feel free to contact Jennifer Lo Prete for these services or any other communication assistance you may need.


This SpiderBytes form is provided as a means of distributing messages to large audiences within the University of Richmond community. This tool is available only to members of the UR community who have a valid UR account. For general information and policies regarding message distribution, or to get help on this form, see SpiderBytes Help.

Event Promotion

Need promotional materials for your event or lecture? 

Contact Jennifer Lo Prete