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The Arts & Sciences Communications Collective offers a variety of resources and services to faculty and staff in the School of Arts & Sciences. Our team is happy to assist you with getting the word out about an upcoming event, or any noteworthy accomplishments of faculty, students or department.


Jennifer Lo Prete
Communications Manager
Create and Update Faculty/Staff Profile Webpage

All A&S faculty and staff are able to create a profile webpage that features their photo, an overview of their expertise and work along with their contact information. The profile page can feature a downloadable CV, publications, awards, media mentions, and many other categories of information. It is possible to link to a blog or relevant website as well.

A&S faculty pages are managed by the communications office in the A&S Dean’s Office. Profile pages are maintained centrally for the entire University. If a faculty member is affiliated with multiple departments and programs, the same profile page will be used across all sites.

Please review this faculty/staff webpage outline to learn the available fields for a profile page.

Please send your profile page requests to Jennifer Lo Prete, A&S communications manager,

Submit a Faculty & Staff Accomplishment

Have some good news to share about your accomplishment in teaching, scholarship, and service?

Please share the news by completing this submission form. Your news will be posted on the A&S webpage, your department's webpage, and the University's faculty and staff accomplishment website. Accomplishments that appear in the Dean's Digest are selected from these submissions. 

Please submit this form

Writing Style Guide & Inclusive Language Guide

Generally, the University of Richmond Style Guide follows the Associated Press Stylebook. However, some exceptions have been made to best serve the needs of the University community. For situations not addressed here, please consult the AP Stylebook or the current edition of Webster's New World College Dictionary.

Style Guide

Inclusive Language Guide

University Brand Guide

Event Promotion

If you’re planning an event, please read our event promotion support page to learn more about the promotional services that are available.

Required Project Timelines

  • Listing an event on the University Calendar: 2 weeks notice.
  • Full marketing/communications support (graphic design – poster, digital images, and dflyer; and website): 6 weeks notice.
Listing an Event in the University Calendar

Would you like to list an event on your department's webpage and the University event calendar?

The University's calendar is a resource for campus units to promote their events to the wider University community. The calendar is public, and events can be cross-listed on any number of sites that are related to that event. University Communications maintains a list of tags for campus units, as well as categories of tags — such as "Student Life" or "Academics" — that users can use to filter. 

To list an event, please let Jennifer Lo Prete,, know the following information: 
  • Event Name
  • Date and Time, please include an end time
  • Location
  • Description
  • Contact name, email, phone, if necessary
  • Registration or Zoom URL
  • Images in the following sizes:
  • Tags: 
*Tags: any department, program, and campus partner affiliated with the event. For example, Political Science, Biology. 
  • All events with in A&S will be tagged to feed into the A&S website. 
  • Other Tags Available
    • Academics, Alumni, Career Services, Center for Civic Engagement, International, Modlin, Student Life, New Students, Office of the Provost, Sustainability>
    • Other Schools: Business, Jepson, Law, SPCS

More information about promoting your event.

Please contact Jennifer Lo Prete,, with any questions about listing your event. 

Send a Spiderbyte

SpiderBytes is a forum for University of Richmond students, faculty, and staff to exchange important and pertinent information regarding University business and campuswide events. Only members of the University of Richmond community can submit messages. Approved messages are compiled into a digest and posted on the faculty/staff and student webpages once daily at 5 a.m. The digest is sorted specifically for students, faculty, and staff.

Click here to submit a Spiderbyte.

Read Faculty & Staff Spiderbytes

Read Student Spiderbytes


Find resources and step-by-step instructions for making content edits or performing other tasks in Cascade, the University of Richmond's website content management system.

Web Content Management Policies and Guidelines

Cascade Tutorials

Cascade Workflow Guide

Hermes Framework

Partner with the A&S Communications Collective

The Arts & Sciences Communications Collective is responsible for developing and leading strategies that support and advance the University’s most significant goals and priorities. The A&S Communications Collective will proactively partner with our campus colleagues to identify strategic projects and events aligned with priorities established by the dean. If you are interested in partnering with A&S Communications or have any questions, please email

If you’re planning an event, please read our event promotion tools document to learn more about the promotional services that are available, and our required project timelines.

A&S Listservs

The School of Arts & Sciences maintains several listservs to aid faculty and staff in communicating across departments and programs. Using a listserv allows one person to send an e-mail to a large number of recipients, without having to know individual e-mail addresses. Once a person is a member of a particular listserv group, he or she can send unmoderated messages to the list. Messages posted to the listserv by nonmembers must be approved by the moderator of the group.

Listservs should not be confused with SpiderBytes, which are the most effective method of distributing electronic information to the entire campus community.
This list is open to all administrative coordinators and academic coordinators in the School of Arts & Sciences. It is intended to be used for collaboration along with sharing general information.
This list is open to members of the School's Academic Council. It is intended to be used to discuss business pertaining to current and past Academic Council agenda items.
This list is open to all department chairs. It is intended to be used to post announcements relevant only to chairs.
This list is open to all interdisciplinary program coordinators. It is intended to be used to post announcements relevant only to interdisciplinary program coordinators.
This list is open to all A&S faculty. It is intended to share information and discussion relevant to A&S faculty.
This list is open to all A&S staff. It is intended to be used to post announcements relevant only to this group.
This list reaches members of Gottwald, and is mostly used for emergency situations involving the building.
This list is open to all new A&S faculty members. It is intended to be used to post announcements relevant only to this group.

Contact Carolyn Smart to subscribe to an A&S listserv.

Create a Departmental Listserv


The School of Arts & Sciences manages three digital screens that can be used to promote A&S events and news. The screens are located in Gottwald, the Humanities Commons, and the A&S Admin Wing in Boatwright.

Dflyer Requirements

  • If using PowerPoint to create a dflyer, format the presentation to 17.7 x 10 inches. You may also reference the guide on how to create dflyers in PowerPoint.
  • Final dflyer needs to be a jpg file with that 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high.

Please email Jennifer Lo Prete, your dflyer to post on A&S and campus screens. 

Learn more about dflyers.

Templates & Tools


University Communications Tools & Resources

Access branded materials, graphic elements, boilerplate copy, and templates for email signatures, PowerPoint presentations, d-flyers, and more. You will also find a library of images and downloadable video assets to use in your multimedia projects and presentations.

This page also includes information on using University logos, seal, stationary, and an advertising library.

Share Your News

Have you published a new book or article? Been honored with an award? Are you working on a unique class project? We want to know about it. Send us an email with your news!