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In the School of Arts & Sciences, our faculty are experts on the cutting edge of their fields. They foster a community of learners who thrive by questioning, knowing, and acting, and prepare our students to be committed lifelong learners.

Arts & Sciences is a thriving community of learners made of exceptional students, staff, and faculty from all backgrounds and points of view. This community builds a shared identity that recognizes and values the contributions of all of our members and celebrates our diversity of interests, knowledge, and experiences. Our caring and interconnected community members support and challenge each other to enhance work within and beyond campus, to promote social justice and critical engagement with past and present inequities, and to draw new members who enrich and renew our shared mission.

The normal full-time base teaching load for tenured and tenure-track faculty in the School of Arts & Sciences is five (5) units per academic year, fall and spring terms. The normal full-time base teaching load for Directors is the equivalent of eight (8) units per academic year, fall and spring terms. 

Teaching reassignments are subject to the approval of the department chair and the Dean. For teaching reassignments unrelated to research grants, please see the guidelines located here. Reassignments for faculty serving in administrative appointments in the school such as department chairs and interdisciplinary program coordinators are per the department chair and interdisciplinary program coordinators compensation located here.

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