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Start-Up Guidelines

These guidelines do not address expenses related to sponsored research as specified by the University and federal guidelines

Faculty start-up funds are institutional support funds and are provided by the University/School to assist new faculty members in obtaining the necessary equipment to establish and/or enhance capacity for research, scholarship, and creative works.

Start-up funds are available for use over the faculty member's time working for the University of Richmond. Unspent balances will remain with the University upon faculty member’s departure.

For inquiries concerning your start-up funding, please contact the School of Arts & Sciences director of financial planning & operations.

Although some spending discretion is given to the recipient of faculty startup funds, equipment and other assets, such as computers, electronics, laboratory, office, and supplies purchased with the use of startup funding shall remain the property of the School and the University. If a faculty member wishes to acquire equipment upon leaving the University, he or she should contact the Dean’s Office. Items eligible for purchase will be assessed at their fair market value.

Any purchases made with startup funds must be in accordance with use of University Funds and Financial Responsibilities and other University policies. Policy: Use of University Funds and Financial Responsibilities

Below are some unallowable expenses that should not be charged on faculty startup funds.

  • Faculty start-up and institutional support funds are not considered personal compensation and cannot be used to supplement a faculty member’s academic year or summer salary including benefits, and other incentive compensation
  • Used for offset against instructional load
  • Relocation and transition expenses
  • Basic office setup: all new tenure track/tenured faculty hires in Arts & Sciences are eligible for a basic office setup that includes the provision of a desktop or laptop computer system (PC or Mac platform, consistent with current University standard configurations), plus office furniture. All offices will be equipped with standard phone and network connections.
  • Meals and entertainment with the exception of meals during research travel. Local meals, entertainment, including student meals are not allowed.
  • Home office expenses
  • Costs associated with telecommunications (e.g., home internet access, cell phone or similar data plans)
  • Non-research related supplies
  • Non-research related travel
  • Furniture and furnishings including decor
  • Rare books (defined as books with a purchase price above $500)
  • Works of art
  • Gifts, donations, parties, or flowers