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Staff Development Request Guidelines

The School of Arts & Sciences (A&S) supports professional development for staff including such things as on-the-job staff training, human resources development, continuing education, and professional growth. You can find more details at this HR site: performance management and HR Site: Learning. Staff interested in pursuing opportunities for professional development and their supervisors should consult the following guidelines:

  • Staff who wish to attend a conference for professional development should consult with their supervisor and gain approval in advance of planning;
  • Staff should present a cost estimate (including a budget breakdown for travel expenses to the supervisor when seeking approval;
  • The supervisor / department chair / program coordinator should always support staff requests for professional development by evaluating resources available at the department level including operating budgets, discretionary funds, and restricted funds;
  • The supervisor / department chair / program coordinator should contact their divisional dean, the A&S dean, and the director of financial planning & operations for additional matching funds;
  • The maximum amount the Dean’s office can contribute towards professional development of an individual staff member annually is $1,000, after department support has been provided;
  • The Dean’s office will review all requests received to determine budgetary support;
  • Staff should adhere to all University policies.