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Deans Advisory Council


The Dean’s Advisory Council advises and consults with the dean on the following matters:

  • Alignment of the School of Arts and Sciences’ plans/priorities with the University’s strategic plan and the core liberal arts mission of the School of Arts and Sciences.
  • Establishment of funding priorities including requests for new funds and reallocating existing funds.
  • Allocation and reallocation of faculty and staff lines.
  • Provision of reassigned time.
  • Other matters of importance to the faculty and to the dean.

The Dean’s Advisory Council works with the dean to ensure a timely and transparent process for consultation and information sharing with the A&S Academic Council and the A&S faculty at-large. That process is announced annually and is adjusted to be in alignment with the University budgeting process and implementation of the strategic plan. The typical timeline that the DAC follows each year is depicted here.


The Dean's Advisory Council bylaws were adopted by the A&S Faculty on April 15, 2014.

Membership Selection

The Dean’s Advisory Council consists of eight faculty members serving staggered three-year terms including A&S faculty representatives on the Planning and Priorities Committee, one interdisciplinary program coordinator, and one department chair from each of the three tripartite divisions. The A&S faculty directly elect the A&S faculty representatives to the Planning and Priorities committee with one representative from each of the quadripartite divisions. The interdisciplinary program coordinators select one member of their group to serve on the Dean’s Advisory Council. Department chairs within each of the tripartite divisions select one member of their group to serve on the Dean’s Advisory Council. A department may have only one faculty member on the Dean’s Advisory Council. All elections are held in the Fall term for membership in the next academic year with elections of the A&S representatives to Planning & Priorities Committee preceding elections of representatives from Academic Council. The A&S nominating committee selects interim replacements for Planning and Priority Committee representatives and tripartite division department chairs and interdisciplinary program coordinators select interim replacements for their representatives.


2018-2019 Membership:

Vacant - Planning and Priorities Division I (19)
Erling Sjovold - Planning & Priorities Division III (20)
Lidia Radi - Planning & Priorities Division IV (20) (one year replacement for Erika Damer)
Jeffrey Riehl - Academic Council, Division I (20)
Laura Runyen-Janecky - Planning & Priorities Division II (20)

Additional members will be elected by members of Academic Council in August.

Meeting Minutes

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