Cross-Listed Courses

Courses cross-listed between departments within a school

  • All versions of the course must be offered for the same number of credit hours and fulfill the same requirements (General Education or departmental)
  • Registration restrictions and prerequisites must be the same for all versions of the course.
  • Total enrollment must be open to all versions of the course (students will not be allowed to switch subjects/versions of the course after add/drop).
  • The home department “owns” the course and can determine the cross listing or not cross-listing (That is, it can extend the initial invitation to other departments who can, in turn, determine if they would like to participate). The chair can simply send a statement of fact about inter-departmental agreement and about the specific cross-listed courses. Cross-listed courses are informational items, but must pass through Academic Council.

Courses cross-listed between schools

  • The cross listing must be approved by the appropriate dean in each school.
  • Instructor must meet appropriate school deadlines for each version of course, including enrollment, add/drop dates and grade due dates (NOTE: If one version of a course cross-listed at the undergraduate level has a “five-day add” restriction, that restriction will be applied to all versions of the course).
  • For cross-listed graduate courses from another school within the University, a rationale must be provided along with the units of credit the student will receive. The course will then come before Academic Council for review and approval.
  • If cross listing involves a level difference (graduate and undergraduate, law and undergraduate), plans on handling level differences (separate requirements demonstrated by separate syllabi) must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office before the course is scheduled outside its home school.