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Staff Engagement Plan



The full participation of staff is vital to the life of the University of Richmond.

As stated in the University of Richmond's Strategic Plan: Forging our Future, Building from Strength:

"Students, faculty, and staff will reach their full potential and thrive in an inclusive University community. The University of Richmond will serve as a model institution in which all members challenge themselves and one another to engage fully in the life of the University, reach their full potential, and contribute to a robust intellectual community. As we prepare the next generation of global leaders, we will center well-being, foster dynamic engagement across a wide range of perspectives and experiences, and create a learning community where all individuals are valued and respected."

As stated in Arts & Sciences' Concept 30:

"Community: Arts & Sciences will be a thriving community of learners made of exceptional students, staff, and faculty from all backgrounds and points of view. This community will build a shared identity that recognizes and values the contributions of all of our members and celebrates our diversity of interests, knowledge, and experiences. Our caring and interconnected community members will support and challenge each other to enhance our work within and beyond campus, to promote social justice and critical engagement with past and present inequities, and to draw new members who enrich and renew our shared mission."

In order to meet the University and School goals of a thriving and inclusive community of all of its members, staff in the School of Arts and Sciences should have a means of communication and engagement with academic leadership regarding the School's initiatives and operations.

As per the University's Compliance and Workplace Expectation policies, staff are expected to carry themselves respectfully and ethically and are protected from retaliation or retribution regarding issues of compliance.

I. Definitions


Staff are full and part-time continuous employees in the School of Arts & Sciences who do not hold faculty status.

II. Staff Meetings
    1. A&S Staff meetings will offer an avenue for staff to participate in matters that impact the School and their role in participating in its priorities. During A&S Staff meetings, the Dean of A&S and faculty leaders provide updates on the School's initiatives. The meetings provide staff with an opportunity to learn about initiatives, programs and priorities within the School of Arts and Sciences and to provide input or make recommendations to the Dean and faculty leaders academic units (students, faculty, dean) regarding their work toward the School's priorities.

    2. The School of Arts & Sciences holds at least one staff meeting each semester for which the Dean and the staff leadership will compose an agreed upon agenda to be distributed a week in advance of the meeting.

    3. A&S staff members are encouraged to attend meetings of the Arts and Sciences staff.

    4. Staff Meetings of the School of Arts & Sciences

    5. An official within the A&S Dean's Office shall typically call staff meetings once a semester during the regular academic session. The Dean might not serve as convener of the meeting but will offer updates and field questions from staff during the A&S Staff Meetings.
III. Nominations to the Staff Engagement Working Group and to Faculty Committees
  1. Staff Engagement Working Group will be comprised of the officers listed below, as well as any staff also serving on Faculty Committees. The members serve to provide input and recommendations to A&S administration and faculty regarding staff interests and concerns as they bear upon the life and operations of A&S.

  2. Nominations for the positions below shall be solicited in May of each year.

  3. The Dean's Office will send out a survey for submissions by name, department, and position, as to include a full range of representation from staff
    • The Dean's Office will make selections from the nominated staff members with consideration for a diversity of perspectives and experiences, and for equitable distribution of service opportunities among the entire staff.
IV. Officers for Staff Engagement Working Group

*annual appointments based on nominations

Positions – to be selected through the nomination process outlined below;

  1. Chair
    • Co-leads staff meeting
    • Serves as liaison to A&S Dean’s office
    • Attends Steering Committee meetings as ex-officio member

  2. Recording Secretary
    • Maintains records of leadership opportunities
    • Maintains records of A&S Staff meetings
    • Organizes staff outing(s)
    • Attends USAC meetings when Vice-Chair is unable to attend

  3. Vice-Chair and Engagement Coordinator 
    • Facilitates communication between A&S staff and those serving on A&S Faculty, A&S Dean’s office, or University committees
    • Regularly attends USAC meetings as observer but not as elected A&S representative for USAC

Staff on Faculty Committees

For the standing roles above, staff positions on Faculty committees, and for any ad hoc committees for which there should be staff input, the Dean’s office will email staff when nominations are sought, will review nominations, and provide appointees to the appropriate committee chair.

V. Changes to this Plan

The plan may be updated upon consultation with the A&S Dean and the Staff Engagement Working Group, following discussion of any proposed changes in an A&S staff-wide meeting and communication.

Taskforce members: Beverly Bradshaw (Administrative Coordinator; Art Center), Jennifer O'Donnell (Biology Lab Manager; Biology Department), Nancy Propst (Administrative Coordinator; Geography Department/IDS Programs) chair, Elizabeth Schlatter (Deputy Director & Curator of Exhibitions; University Museums) ex-officio, and Carolyn Smart (Administrative Coordinator; Religious Studies Department)

December 2018

Updated May 2021


The plan on this page represents the current version as last amended in December 2018. For more information on the history of revisions, contact the chair.