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Arts & Sciences Academic Council

Academic Council is an administrative committee composed of the Dean of Arts and Sciences, the Associate Deans, the chairs of the departments, interdisciplinary program coordinators at the Dean's discretion, the Deans of Richmond College and Westhampton College, the University Registrar, and the University Librarian. Meetings of Academic Council are called, overseen, and run by the Dean and may be attended by any A&S faculty member. 

Among its duties, the Council (1) advises the Dean, (2) provides comments on recommendations of faculty committees before they are presented to the full faculty, (3) serves as a curriculum implementation committee by recommending approval of degree requirement, course, and educational program proposals to the A&S faculty, and (4) serves as a line of communication between the Dean and the departments and interdisciplinary programs. Though Academic Council (and any subset thereof) serves as an important forum for discussion and providing advice and recommendations, it has no legislative power within A&S.

The Box site that contains Academic Council meeting agendas and minutes from previous academic years can be found here.


Academic Council Meeting Schedule

Academic Council meetings take place from 10:30 to 11:45 am on Tuesdays. 
Date Location
September 6, 2022 THC 305
September 20, 2022  THC: Alice Haynes Room
October 4, 2022 THC 305
October 18, 2022  THC 305
November 1, 2022 THC 305
November 15, 2022 THC 305
November 30, 2022 THC 305
December 6, 2022 THC 305
January 17, 2023 TBD
January 31, 2023 TBD
February 14, 2023 TBD
February 28, 2023 TBD
March 14, 2023 TBD
March 28, 2023 TBD
April 11, 2023 TBD