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Arts & Sciences Administrative Committees

A&S administrative committees are formed, altered, or dissolved by the dean, in consultation with the Steering Committee and/or the A&S faculty. They report to the dean and undertake matters of importance to the dean. Typically, their charge will not include matters that overlap the charge of an existing A&S faculty committee.

Important Notes:

  • Below are the A&S administrative committees. The Box site for A&S administrative committees can be found here.
  • Information on A&S faculty committees, which are overseen by the A&S faculty, can be found on this webpage.
  • Information on University committees, which include representation from more than one school, can be found on this webpage

Academic Council

A&S NEXT Committee

Dissolved A&S Administrative Committees

The Box sites for all dissolved A&S Administrative Committees (listed below) can be found here

  • A&S Working Group for Planning Administrative Structure
  • Ad-Hoc Committee on Sabbatical Fellowships and Sabbatical Policy (dissolved 2022)
  • Evaluation Group for Concept 30 (dissolved 2021)
  • Working Group for Planning Administrative Committees (dissolved 2021)
  • Ad-Hoc Committee on Course Evaluation (dissolved 2020)
  • Dean’s Advisory Committee (dissolved 2019)
  • Ad-Hoc Committee on Merit Review (2018-2019)
  • C30 (2017)