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Arts & Sciences Governance 

In A&S, shared governance occurs when the A&S Dean and the A&S faculty work collaboratively during decision-making according to their roles and responsibilities as defined in the A&S Shared Governance Bylaws (see Appendix II of the Faculty Handbook).

The Dean’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the overall operations and strategic direction of A&S, implementation of the A&S curriculum, the A&S budget, A&S faculty recruitment, appointment, and reappointment, and the general instructional excellence of the A&S faculty.

The A&S faculty has primary responsibility for the A&S curriculum, recommendations for A&S academic policies, the quality of the A&S faculty, and A&S faculty governance. Additionally, the A&S faculty has a consultative role in the operation of A&S, matters that may have a direct impact on the academic quality of A&S, and in the development and welfare of its faculty and students.

Tables that summarize shared governance in A&S can be found here.

The Box site that contains a list of those with voting rights in A&S can be found here.

Faculty Participation

All faculty are welcome to participate in the governance of A&S through their involvement in faculty meetings or on committees. You can learn more about these various governance structures through links on the left side of this page or on the A&S Governance Box site.

Suggest an Agenda Item

All A&S faculty are invited to suggest agenda items for any of the School's committees or faculty meetings by submitting this form.