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Application Process

Deadlines for summer fellowship and research grant proposals are announced early each semester; proposals must be submitted by the announced deadline day and time. The Committee meets at least once per semester to review these proposals and considers travel grant proposals on a rolling basis.

Summer research fellowships are awarded to faculty late in the fall term and late in the spring term if funds remain. Research grants are awarded in the fall term and in the spring term, if sufficient funds are available. Travel grants are awarded to faculty in both the fall and the spring terms, pending available funds. Faculty should be aware that it has been the committee’s practice to expend a large portion of the funds on research grants in the fall term. If remaining funds are available, rejected proposals may be re-submitted in the spring.

Applications for summer research fellowships and research grants that require spring and/or summer funding are generally due in mid-October. Travel grants are accepted on a rolling basis, but proposals need to be submitted at least one month in advance of anticipated travel to ensure the committee has ample time for review.


  1. The FRC uses an online application system called Qualtrics. To apply, simply choose the appropriate application:
    Travel Grant Application (list of questions for Travel Grant Application)
    Summer Fellowship and Research Grant Application (list of questions for Summer Fellowship Application)
  2. A separate application shall be submitted for each project for which a grant is requested.
  3. An application may be submitted individually by a faculty member or jointly by two or more faculty members when they plan to work together on a project.
  4. An applicant for an A&S faculty summer research fellowship with research expenses beyond subsistence who does not receive a summer fellowship because of lack of funds is encouraged to apply for an A&S research grant to cover those expenses. The recipient of an A&S faculty summer research fellowship, likewise, may apply for an A&S faculty research grant.
  5. When an application has been acted on by the committee, the chair of the committee will notify the Grants and Research Specialist to send the award letter or the denial of funding letter. The award letter will include the application's approval, the title of the project, and amount of funding.
  6. Reporting procedures are explained in the award letter and are available online.
  7. An award recipient who leaves the University of Richmond shall return to the committee all funds not expended upon the termination of contract. In the case of the academic year, this means the day of the University faculty meeting following commencement exercises.

Every effort is made to keep this page up to date, but please also refer to the FRC Guidelines for the most updated information and regulations.

Nominations for the Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fellowship

Each year, all University of Richmond deans and the A&S FRC chair are invited to nominate candidates for the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fellowships. The fellowship (approximately $2,000) is awarded as a result of competition among faculty members of institutions making up the VFIC. The fellowship is given mainly for work to be done during the summer or sabbatical leave. Subsistence is not included.