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Conditions of Award Acceptance


Financial support in all categories is given only to full-time, tenured or tenure-stream Arts & Sciences faculty members of the University of Richmond who will be full-time faculty members of the University the year after the end of the grant or fellowship.

Conditions Under Which Aid is Given

  1. In general, the committee does not reimburse expenses incurred before application and granting of a request, but it may do so in special circumstances. An example is an occasion when the committee is unable to rule in time on a grant request submitted before incurrence of the expenditures.
  2. Books, equipment, other permanent materials and unused supplies become the property of the University. Books shall be given to the University Library; other items shall be included in the inventory of the departments concerned.
  3. The acceptance of all financial awards means the concomitant acceptance on the part of the faculty member of fiscal responsibility to the A&S Faculty Research Committee. The purpose of a full A&S Faculty Summer Research Fellowship is to permit the researcher to work on the funded project for 10 weeks of dedicated summer work (not necessarily contiguous summer work).
  4. Faculty may receive stipends from the A&S Dean’s office for supervising undergraduate research over the summer in addition to a Summer Research Fellowship.
  5. Faculty members with external (e.g., external grants, etc.) or internal (e.g., summer teaching, study abroad programs, etc.) salary support are eligible to apply for Summer Research Fellowships as Professional Development, Research Grants, and Travel awards. However, Summer Research Fellowships as PD and Research Grants should be for some aspect of a faculty member's research not currently supported by their existing funding (e.g., a pilot study for a new project, development of new collaboration, costs associated with development of new proposalsfor external funding, etc.).
  6. Faculty members with external (e.g., external grant, etc.) or internal (e.g., summer teaching, study abroad programs, etc.) salary support are eligible to apply for Summer Research Fellowships as Stipend but applicants must provide a detailed timetable to account for 10 weeks of dedicated work to the A&S Summer Research Fellowship in the context of their other commitments.
  7. Faculty members cannot apply to a Summer Fellowship as Stipend and also as a Professional Development during the same fiscal year.
  8. Faculty with questions about eligibility are encouraged to contact the Chair of Faculty Research Committee before applying.
  9. Completion of the research project shall be expected within a reasonable period consistent with the nature of the project. A&S Faculty Research Grants and Summer Research Fellowships follow FDA A1 account standards.
  10. All summer fellowship and research grant recipients’ reports shall be submitted within the application form of the applicant next grant request submission, no separate report should be submitted.
  11. All publications, and other forms of outcomes dissemination, resulting from an FRC-supported project shall include the appropriate acknowledgment of assistance from the University of Richmond.