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Evaluation of Applications

The A&S Faculty Research Committee will give each proposal for a summer research fellowship or a research grant one of the following ratings based on the following:

  • potential significance of the project’s contribution to its discipline;
  • the conception, definition and organization of the project; and
  • its likelihood of completion.

Outstanding Proposal (definitely fund)

Every effort will be made to fund these proposals. In the event of high demand for support, however, a proposal deemed outstanding may not receive funding according to the priorities outlined in the FRC guidelines (see guidelines section I. Purpose and Calendars and Deadlines)

Very Good Proposal (fund if possible)

When resources are insufficient to fund all proposals in this category, any of the following conditions may be taken into account in determining which proposals will receive support:

  1. Circumstances dictate that the project can be completed only within the period specified.
  2. Applicant has not been funded as recently as other applicants.
  3. Applicant is on tenure-stream.
  4. Applicant has strong record of scholarly achievement.
  5. Project is related to sabbatical.
  6. Applicant is making effort to return to research after long absence.

Proposal Needs Revision (resubmit)

  1. Resubmit for more appropriate type of grant, e.g., research instead of travel. (Committee will specify.)
  2. Budget needs reconsideration or more detail.
  3. Proposal needs clearer explanation of the project’s potential significance, scope, and/or readership.
  4. Proposal needs more detailed description of the project.
  5. Pertinent information is missing, e.g., consent forms, dates, etc. (Committee will specify.)

Support Not Recommended

  1. Applicant has not completed previous research funded by the Committee
  2. Applicant has not filed the required report on a previous research project funded by the Committee.
  3. Proposal is inappropriate for A&S Faculty Research Committee’s funding (e.g., submit to PETE).
  4. Proposal’s scholarly merit is not competitive.

Reporting on Prior Grants

Applications from faculty who have not submitted reports for previous FRC grants will not be considered until outstanding reports have been filed.