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Research Grants

Research grants are offered to faculty in varying amounts, usually under $6,000, based on a detailed proposed budget, specifying the costs of carrying out a particular project.

The application process is like that for summer fellowships but with a completed budget section. In addition to the budget, the online application for a research grant requires a two-page curriculum vitae containing relevant and recent publications and presentations and a brief description of the proposed project, written for a non-specialist (600 word limit).

These grants cover the expenses of conducting research or other creative activity. Examples of items that may be funded are listed below. Funding is not necessarily limited to the items in this list, nor is the funding of items listed necessarily assured. Detailed budgets are required.

Research Grants, unlike Travel Grants, may fund travel to libraries, archives, and other special resources with needed material not otherwise accessible. Travel includes transportation, lodging and meals, at thrift rates. The Committee generally does not fund living expenses beyond four weeks in duration.

Special Equipment and Supplies
Items that normally would not be used for classroom or laboratory instruction. All equipment remains the property of the University.

Computer Facilities and Other Rental Fees
Data sets, database searches, equipment time.

Technical, Secretarial, and Student Assistance
General student assistance is not funded by the Committee; however, exceptions may be made for students whose skills are unique and indispensable to the project. Salaries and benefits should be in keeping with current University guidelines. Funds can be provided for clerical supplies and mailing expenses when these can be shown to be clearly in excess of what might reasonably be covered by departments.

Mandatory page charges in refereed journals are not supported.

Research Grant Application Note: Please consult the FRC guidelines before applying.

List of questions for Research Grant Application

Faculty Research Grant Application Deadline

Friday, March 17, 2023 at 5 p.m.

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External Support

Faculty are encouraged to seek financial support from outside the University as well. For this purpose, they should consult the Office of Foundation, Government and Corporate Relations.