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Summer Fellowships

Summer fellowships for faculty are fixed-amount fellowships of $6,000, or a standard amount set by the Arts & Sciences dean, to support faculty members' research or other creative work. Itemized budgets are not required in the proposal for funding. Since these fellowships are intended to allow faculty to concentrate on research or creative work, no summer school teaching or other employment is allowed during the proposed time of the grant.

The online application for a fellowship requires a two-page curriculum vitae containing relevant and recent publications and presentations and a brief description of the proposed project, written for a non-specialist (600 word limit).

Fellowships can be taken as either a summer fellowship stipend or as a summer faculty development fund. The summer fellowship stipend is taxable income added to the June 1 paycheck. The summer faculty development fund is an untaxed account from which faculty can be reimbursed for project-related expenses. Faculty must indicate their distribution preference at the time of application; the entire fellowship amount cannot be split and must be taken under only one of the two options.

Please consult the new FRC guidelines before you apply.

Summer Fellowship Application

Summer Fellowship Application Questions

Summer Fellowship Application Deadline

Friday, March 17, 2023 at 5 p.m.

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