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Travel Grants

Faculty travel grants are to support international travel to present at conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and other venues appropriate to a faculty member’s discipline. Please keep in mind that travel to libraries, archives and other sources is normally funded through faculty research grants. The maximum amount of the travel grant will not exceed $2,000 per faculty during a fiscal year.

Additional notes:

(a) In most cases, a faculty member will not receive a second travel award during the same fiscal year unless the combined travel awards do not exceed the $2,000 cap, and/or there are sufficient funds remaining in the FRC budget.

(b) A detailed budget that includes explanation of expenses and how travel costs were estimated is required.

(c) A&S Faculty Travel proposals are considered on a rolling basis until all funds are allocated. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit travel requests at least one month before the date of the conference; applicants submitting within 30 days before traveling should justify the short period given to FRC to review their application. Travel requests made during or after the conference event took place will not be accepted.

(d) FRC provides support for full-time A&S tenured and tenure-stream A&S faculty. The A&S Dean’s Office discourages Endowed Chairs for applying to FRC Travel awards; based on this practice FRC will not consider travel applications from current holders of Endowed Chairs.

The system is set up to accept one application from a faculty member each year.  If you have been awarded a Travel Grant once but have not reached your annual $2,000 maximum and you would like to apply for a second time, please contact Robert Plymale.

Travel Grant Application

Travel Grant Application Questions

Every effort is made to keep this page up to date, but please also refer to the FRC Guidelines for the most updated information and regulations.