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Support for Faculty Research

There are a variety of policies in place to help Arts & Sciences faculty members who wish to receive financial support for research and travel.

Faculty Research Committee Guidelines
The School of Arts & Sciences' Faculty Research Committee maintains a complete set of guidelines regarding the grants it awards faculty for summer research, research during the academic year, and travel.

Topping Off Salaries from Grants and Fellowships
To support scholarly and creative work during sabbaticals and approved leaves of absences, the School of Arts & Sciences provides some funding to top-off the salaries of tenured and tenure-track faculty who receive external grants and fellowships. The School's complete policy on salary top-offs is available online.

Departmental Funding for Faculty and Director Travel
The University provides support to faculty members for travel from three sources – the Faculty Research Committee, departmental faculty travel funds, and PETE funds. These sources support travel for research, for presentation of scholarly work at conferences, and for the enhancement of teaching, respectively. Most travel falls into one of these three categories, but it is possible to seek partial support from several categories if a trip has multiple purposes and outcomes. Departments receive specific budget allocations to fund faculty travel to professional meetings. Specific guidelines on the use of departmental faculty travel funding are available online. Directors are eligible for departmental faculty travel funding but funding is not guaranteed.

Reporting on International Travel
To maintain the University's foreign liability insurance, the School of Arts & Sciences is required to provide the University's business office with an annual report on anticipated international travel for the coming year. As soon as an international trip is planned, faculty members are expected to complete the school's international travel form.

Overseas Health Insurance
UR employees are strongly encouraged to purchase additional international travel and health insurance for expenses not covered by AIG or the Anthem plan.

Travel and Expense Reports
All travel and expense reports must be completed online. As soon as you log on to BannerWeb, you will note that "Travel and Expense Reporting" is the last option on the main menu.

External Grant Support

For all applications for external (non-University) funding for research or special projects, please contact the Office of Foundation, Corporate & Government Relations.

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