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International Travel Information Request

Each year, A&S and the Risk Management Office request an update of all travel outside the U.S. For the upcoming academic year, please report all travel that will occur between April 1, 2018 and April 1, 2019. Please report information on all trips you will take abroad, other than strictly personal trips which do not need to be reported. This information is requested by our insurance company for renewal of the foreign liability coverage.

If you are making more than one international trip this year, please submit one form for each trip.

First Name:
Last Name:


Destination (City and Country):

Trip Duration (in number of days):

Reason for Trip:

If you selected "Other" above, please explain the purpose of your trip:

Please select the types of transportation you will be using on your trip. Hold down the "CTRL" or apple key to select more than one:

If you are renting/leasing a car, please indicate how many cars you will be renting in each country that you visit:

How many faculty/staff members will be on this trip?
How many students will be on this trip?
What is the maximum number of employees working at the same location or staying at the same hotel?
How many people from your travel party will be on the same flight?
Is anyone traveling by charter flight?

Please select all types of housing accommodations you will be using. Hold down the "CTRL" or apple key to select more than one: