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Advising Policy

All University of Richmond faculty,  as well as designated staff, advise students, both within their majors and before they have declared a major. We take a developmental approach to advising, drawing together the roles of “advisor” and “teacher.” Faculty-advisors assist and guide students as they move through a process of learning, providing students information where necessary, encouraging students to expand their thinking skills and their ability to acquire their own information, and supporting students as they prepare to put new knowledge and skills to use in the world beyond the University. Advising is thus a cooperative process, in which students take progressively more responsibility within a supportive relationship with an invested faculty member. [Adapted from the AARC Strategic Plan, 2006-2008]

Most faculty members in A&S typically have an average of 12 advisees, including both major and non-major advisees; many will have fewer, though some will have more on occasion. Advising is considered along with teaching in the annual review process. Training is provided in an annual workshop before the beginning of fall semester, and monthly lunches on topics of interest to academic advisors are offered throughout the year.

Updated November 2013.