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Final Exams

By stipulation of Arts & Sciences faculty (amended April 11, 2002 and December 2, 2004 by action of A&S Faculty), all final examinations are to be given during the scheduled time slots. In particular, final exams are not to be given during the last week of classes, and no exams are to be given during the reading period.

The following exceptions are allowed:

  • Faculty with multiple sections of the same course have the option of allowing their students to take the exam with any section.
  • Faculty teaching upper-level classes may allow all students individually to self-schedule their examination.
  • Exceptions to use of the reading period include oral components of exams in some language courses which must be individually scheduled.
  • Students wishing to observe religious holidays following the procedures specified in the University catalog.

The Arts & Sciences faculty have also agreed that if a course has a final test but no examination, that the final test should be given in the exam period time slot rather than in the last week of classes. Faculty are discouraged from giving major examinations during the last week of the semester. Faculty members giving take-home exams are expected to allow the exam papers to be turned in as late as the regularly scheduled exam slot.


Students who wish to take an exam at a time other than the schedule time slot will require permission of their residential college dean. This is normally only granted to students with international travel constraints or for participation in special events such as a wedding.

Faculty members who wish an exception to these policies must obtain permission from the associate dean for academic operations with support of their department chair.