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Changing a Grade

Most departments have copies of the Change-of-Grade form, which can be found on BannerWeb under "Forms." If the grade being changed is for an "I" or "Y" (incompletes) then only the instructor needs to complete and return the form to the Registrar's Office. All other changes require signatures of the department chair and associate dean Dr. Kathrin Bower.

Incomplete grades are awarded when special circumstances such as illness or accident prevent the student from doing the required work before the end of the term. There are two types of incomplete grades, an "I" (punitive) and a "Y" (non-punitive). An "I" counts as an F in the student's GPA and is automatically converted to an "F" grade if the student has not made up the work assigned by the 45th calendar day after the end of the term and a change of grade form has been submitted. After assigning an "I", an instructor must submit to the Registrar's Office an "I" Confirmation Form, which can be found on BannerWeb under "Forms." A "Y" grade does not affect a student's GPA. As indicated above, the changing of an incomplete to a normal letter grade does not require signatures of the chair or dean. An "I" grade that has been converted to an "F" is no longer considered incomplete.