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New or Revised Course Proposals

New Courses

Any new courses must first be approved by the department or program offering the course. The course proposal form should submitted to the Dean's Office by emailing the completed form to by the deadlines listed below.

New Course Proposal Approval Timeline for 2018-2019 Academic Year

Fall 2018

August 22: New course proposals due in Dean’s Office

August 27: Classes begin

September 4: Deadline for Academic Council approval of new* courses

September 20: Deadline for A & S Faculty approval of new* courses

October 17: Spring 2019 course schedule available to students

October 22: Advising begins

October 29: Registration begins

Spring 2019

January 11: New course proposals due in Dean’s Office

January 14: Classes begin

January 22: Deadline for Academic Council approval of new* courses

February 14: Deadline for A & S Faculty approval of new* courses

March 20: Fall 2019 course schedule available to students

March 25: Advising begins

April 1: Registration begins

Note: The timeline for General Education courses can be found here

Changes to departmental or program curricula, or new major/minor proposals must be approved by the A&S faculty by February 14, 2019 in order to go into effect for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Revised Courses

Any change in subject, number, title, and credit hours constitutes a revised course because these four items appear on a student’s transcript. (A reminder about course numbering: every effort is made not to re-use course numbers for at least five years. The Registrar's Office can serve as a resource for numbering taxonomy). The revised course proposal for such changes does not require sign-offs, but does need Academic Council approval. These forms can be submitted using the link above. Changes in title or number do not require sign-offs, but they do require submission to Academic Council and can also use the link above.

Because it is assumed that course descriptions naturally change over time to reflect changes in the field, it is not necessary to submit a revised course proposal to Academic Council. Nor is it necessary to submit a change in prerequisites for a course. Changes in course description and prerequisites can be sent directly to the Registrar for entry in the system and the catalog.

Revised Course Submission Form

Name of faculty member proposing course:

Department/Program course will be offered in:

Course Code (e.g., ARTH; PLSC):

Course title:

Proposed or existing course number:

Course credits (i.e., units):

Justification for proposed unit value (e.g., "Students will attend lecture and lab for 6 hours each week with 5 hours of assigned work outside of class")

Effective Term:

Approved by department? Yes No

Updated course description (for catalogue):