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Proposing New Majors or Minors in Arts & Sciences

The process for proposing new majors and minors is outlined in Appendix II of the Faculty Handbook and excerpted below:

Creating, Modifying and Eliminating Educational Programs in A&S 

Educational programs include majors and minors, as well as degree and certificate programs. New educational programs or revisions to or elimination of existing educational programs in A&S are approved using the process below and subject to the University policies and SACSCOC rules related to the creation, modification, and elimination of academic programs.

  1. A faculty committee, department, or program creates the proposal.
  2. The proposal is submitted to the dean, who brings it to A&S Academic Council for its recommendation.
  3. If recommended by A&S Academic Council, the proposal goes before the A&S faculty at its meeting for action.
  4. If the change is approved by the A&S faculty, the proposal is then presented as a recommendation to the Provost.
  5. If approved by the Provost, the proposal is then routed through all subsequent review and approval steps as outlined in the University Policy on Creating, Suspending, or Eliminating Academic Programs.