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Short-Term Study Abroad Courses

Faculty who wish to offer short courses abroad during the academic year, whether they are stand-alone courses of two weeks or fewer, or whether they are part of a standard 15-week course, should seek the approval from the following:

  1. Department - If the course is being offered for the first time or is an existing course being offered for the third time under “special topics,” the faculty member must formally propose the course, completing the form for new course proposals.  See end of document for copy of that form.  
  2. International Education Committee - Proposals should be sent to the Dean of International Education.
  3. A&S Associate Dean - This sign-off is included in the new course proposal form along with other relevant offices.
  4. Academic Council - Council approval is required if the course is new or if it’s an existing course offered for the third time.
  5. Office of the Registrar - The registrar must approve all course additions and changes.
  6. Office of the Controller - The Controller and the A&S Associate Dean for Academic Operations approve course fees for students.
  7. All proposals should be completed with necessary signatures by March 15th if the course will be offered in Fall; by October 15th, if offered in Spring. 
  8. Office of International Education - Three weeks prior to departure (or earlier) faculty should contact Michele Cox, Director of International Programs.